Adult Orthodontics

Not everyone can receive orthodontic treatment when they are kids. Sometimes it is an issue of affordability, while in other cases, problems do not become clear until later on in life. No matter the reason, it is not uncommon for adults to require orthodontic treatment.

This can be difficult for adult patients. They want straighter, healthier teeth, but they do not want to wear glaringly obvious metal braces. Luckily, there is a lot that has changed in orthodontics in the past few decades, much of which benefits adult patients.

When straightening teeth, Dr. Baker utilizes many different appliances, some of which are less visible than traditional braces—even to the point of being completely invisible. Adult patients can use Invisalign, Insignia, Damon Clear, and other revolutionary treatment options. With the right approach, orthodontics can easily blend into your lifestyle and aesthetics.

If you worry that you are too old for treatment, fret no more. At Baker Orthodontics, you can receive the care you need. Contact us to schedule your consultation.